iOS Fuji
A unified experience.

The future of iPhone lies in the unification of the iOS experience. iOS 10 has paved the way for new interactions between apps, but iOS Fuji takes it even further. With new capabilities for Siri, a centralization of data in some core iOS apps such as Messages or Contacts, and much more, iOS Fuji promises to deliver a unique and promising experience for future iOS users.

Coming... Someday

Siri Panel Introducing a new unified way of using apps.

Siri Panel is a new way of using apps with your smartphone, designed to ease multitasking. The things that you do get stacked in a linear flow, where apps appear as minimalist versions called Siri Cards. Siri Panel has been thought to be used with voice and touch inputs at the same time, but it can adapt and be used with touch gestures only as well.

To summon Siri Panel, simply long press the Home button.

Hey Siri A true assistant in your tasks.

In iOS Fuji, Hey Siri has been designed to work alongside what you are currently doing. Take a look at the things you can do with Siri by your side.

Single Sign-On The account manager we have all been waiting for.

The feature introduced in tvOS called "Single Sign-On" is now coming to iOS. No more countless accounts on your phone for your apps. Everything is centralized in one place. Just lay back, and let iOS create accounts for you.

Messages All your conversations in one place.

In iOS Fuji, all your conversations coming from third-party apps such as Messenger or Whatsapp, are found in the native Messages app. This is another step towards the ultimate unified experience desired by all: if you want to send a message to someone, just open the Messages app; no more questioning about which app to open.

Contacts Beautifully redesigned. For all your contacts.

Why should contacts info only be limited to a phone number or an email? Contacts are now open to third-party apps: iOS Fuji can dig through apps that are on your device and complete the info you have for your contacts. Somebody sent you a message through Linkedin? They are automatically added in the Contacts app waiting for you to confirm their identity.

Stay tuned for more.

Messages, Safari, Small Things... I still have many things to show you. But right now, I feel like I should publish what I have done for the Mac - macOS Newton. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send a mail to